Fort Meyer Editions Presents:

Fort Meyer Editions is proud to present the art work of Judith Angell Meyer.  We hope you enjoy her wildlife renderings.  The paintings shown here are watercolor paintings and are being offered for purchase as Limited Edition prints.

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 About the Artist

  Judith grew up in spacious, rolling Iowa farm country, learning at an early age to appreciate the beauty of animals, both in the wild and as patient servants and companions of man; the pride of the men who worked the land; and the land itself.

  Her interest in art parallels her interest in animals.  Her watercolors and pencil paintings show a mastery of the medium and attention to detail.  However, she respects the need for more than just photographic realism.  She has a need to convey the spirit or mood; feeling that each individual painting must have its own life.

  She loves the stories that the American West has to tell in the reflections of its old buildings, weathered wood and hidden corners.  She tries to share scenes of wildlife that might not be witnessed firsthand.

  Judith is primarily a self-taught artist with the exception of the two years she worked at Hallmark Cards.  She considers that job, and a couple of private classes to be her primary educational period, with each painting adding an ongoing new knowledge and perspective.

"Lost is our heritage but for our visions". 

Artist's Resume

Member  Society of Animal Artists founded 1960
Shown in the American Royal Show in Kansas City, Missouri
Rocky Mountain National Water Media Show
Best of Show Professional Artists of Colorado
Wildlife Art The Female Perspective by Barbara Cotton, Sports A Field, November, 1986


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