Rachel Hines


I was born in Aurora, Colorado, and raised in Denver. Then I went to York Christian College where I learned a lot about the Bible. I married and had two children. I have even traveled to England. When I graduated from UNC, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English. Now I spend a lot of time with writer's groups, and my poetry club.


This drawing, done by Fritz Meyer, is Goldenrod.



Kitchen Nativity

I have a kitchen Nativity set
that came from Mexico.
I bought it on the River Walk
in San Antonio.
Mary is dressed in white of purity
with the blue flowers
of loyalty.
I placed the Holy family with care
next to a ceramic canister
that looked like an adobe house.
God's love reaches every where
to all the children of the world.
and to every kind of house.

To August

Golden grain waves in
the Indian summer.
Patch work fields stretch out
like evergreen; Jade green;
crystal Peridot.
It is the time to sit back
on the porch swing,
to sing a ballad of the days
of yore, and look,
at your baby pictures in
Grandma's picture book.
August, you are
all these things and more.
You are the hollow boat
beached upon
the peaceful, sandy, shore.

Healing Fountain

An empty fountain stood
for silent years.
A people waited and wept
with many tears.
Then once upon a long and lonely trek,
a weary traveler came
carrying a sickly brother,
and no one knew his name.
He came to the fountain,
and searched for a door
that no one knew was there before.
He was the only one
who could release the water
from its underground reservoir.
Now the healing fountain waters
flow once more.


The lion is king majestic
ruler of all the beasts that are.

The eagle has landed high
from flying freely in the wide sky.

The ox draws the cart
that carries the Ark of the Covenant.

My wings are folded and
I have the face of a man.

Eternal Love

Although the ammonoidea shells shall wash ashore,

Hollow now forever more,

Almighty God, your love shall ever last,

Vast in its expansions,

A ring, an eternal spiral of protection to hold your children in.
with Autumn equinox upon us
all hands to work the harvest
to insure bowls of food for all.

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