Penny Letterly - In progress -

Drawing, by Sherry Bennett, is Blue Bunch Wheat Grass.

Penny Letterly, wife, mother of two sons, mother-in-law with great joy (it is nice to have other females in the house!), grandmother of a new baby girl, office manager, agricultural equipment operator, child of Coloradoans, and traveler. I would like to call myself a poet, but that is up to you.





The warm juice of summer drips off my chin
I detect a hint of autumn creeping in

The sun is warm and the air is crisp
Leaves change their colors in a whisp

Summers harvest is bountiful and bright
Gather them in before frostbite

Days are balmy but the nights have zest
A warm woolly sweater feels the best

Autumn brings changes to the heart
Breathe deep the air and go take part.

Penny Letterly - 9/2001

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