The Poets and Their Poems

Fritz Meyer
January's Ham Sestina
     January's Rhyme
     January's Prose
     Unwelcome Poetry
     Welcome Poetry
Judith Angell Meyer
     Family Legacy
     Green Horse Trough
     The Kiss
     Sleigh Ride Memories
     ABC -- ABC Two
Beth Padier
     I knew
     The Call
     Of Winter
     His Ties
     Minding Dusk
Christine Ruth Baabe
     Discuss A Bruise
     The Raspberries Were
Trudy Diane Rider
     Fruits Of Victory
     Late Night Peaceful Dreams
     The Laughter O A Friend
     Songs My Mother Sang
Frank Roberts
     Sea Sonnet
     You And Andrew Marvell
     The Orphanage
     By The River - Evening
     Melville In Port

This drawing by Sherry Bennett of the grass Chairmaker

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