The Poets and Their Poems

Sherry Bennett/Meyer
Journey, Patience, Kingdom, Worth
     Veils, Journey, Mists, Homeward
     Raindrops, Tambourine, Pines, Wings
     Curtain, Cold, Frost, Lace
     Autumn, Bowl, Invisible, Hands
Rachel Hines
     Kitchen Nativity
     To August
     Healing Fountain
     Eternal Love
Edna Huwa
     The Lament Of An Egg
     My Ancestors*
     Fooling Around
     The Scoop On The Coop
     To A Beautiful State: Colorado
Betty Kendall
     Alone Christmas Day
     All About Nothing
     Snow Poem
     Be Kind
     Try It
Mary Lauck
     Dance On
     Tender Strength
     At The Brilliance Corral
     Leah's Legacy
     A River Of Peace
Penny Letterly
     The Old And Inept
     A Sonnet To The Sky

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