Sherry Bennett/Meyer

I was born in Worland, Wyoming to Mary Vanarsdall and have spent most of my life in Colorado where I met my love and soulmate Fritz Meyer who shares my love of art, music, crafts, and Ireland.

Working on the pictures for this poetry club book, has given us a new understanding of drawing nature.

This drawing, done by Sherry, is of a Scouring rush.



Journey, patience,
kingdom, worth

In life's journey
we must have patience
to reach the Kingdom of the divine
to discover our true worth.

Veils, journey, mists, homeward

In the veils of mystery
we take the journey in our memories
In the mists we see past, present, and future
We are all homeward bound.

Raindrops, tambourine, pines, wings

Raindrops fall from the sky.
Sounds like a soft tambourine on the roof
the wind blows through the pines
echoing as the sound of wings
rising up to the heavens.

Curtain, Cold, Frost, Lace

The cold came to the valley
it hung there like a heavy curtain
the frost on the window
can be as lace to look upon.

Autumn, bowl, invisible, hands

The seasons change invisibly
with Autumn equinox upon us
all hands to work the harvest
to insure bowls of food for all.


Sherry Bennett/Meyer
All written for the October 2007 workshop.

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