Betty Kendall

This drawing, done by Fritz Meyer, is Austrina Southern Sedge


Love of Poetry does not a poet make.

I moved from Dallas to Greeley 14 years ago. I like the slower pace; more people stop to smell the roses.  I think I have been a member of the Poetry Club for 13 or 14 years.




Alone Christmas Day

When one is alone on Christmas day,
Everyone must have a say.
How guilty I feel, I didn't ask you
To take you away from feeling blue.
Feeling blue?

That must be in someone else's mind,
For me, the day meant being kind ...
To me!

The tree was gorgeous, the sky was clear,
And I, alone, didn't shed a tear
Good books to read, and hours to dream,
Oh, glorious!

Caviar to eat, oh, such a treat,
While others fed on turkey meat.
Angelic fun being home with me,
For I like my company, you see.
Feeling blue?
Not me!

Betty Kendall -- December 1994

All About Nothing

Nothing is everything ...
Not a contradiction.
It's just a balance,
Balance of opposites.
Listen to the silence,
Hear the cat slinking
Understand the quiet
That speaks so loudly.
See the color in sound ...
Tints flashing in the notes
Must be the music
Of rainbow action.
Slow-down motion
Gets you there sooner,
No wasted moves,
Just graceful dancing
Flowing and melting
Into thoughts.
The air becomes alive
With the silence ...
The silence of nothing.
Nothing is everything.

Betty Kendall -- March 1995

Snow Poem

Snow, cold
Deep, frosty
White, bold
Home, toasty

Betty Kendall -- February 19, 2007

Be Kind

Keep your tongue
Where it belongs,
So it does
No harm or wrong.
Use your tongue
For just kind words,
To help along
The weary bards
Who, must think
Of rhymes to write,
Even when, minds
Are out on strike.

Betty Kendall -- September 19, 2002

Try It

Have you ever tasted the sunset?
Or after a rain smelled a rainbow?
Try it, and I'll make you a bet,
You'll never be the same somehow.

Have you ever felt a cloud?
The dark black, thundering kind.
And heard a snow band laugh out loud?
Try it, and it will clear your mind.

Taste the sparkle of a sunrise.
Smell the coolness, feel the glow,
Hear the toughness, a big surprise.
Try it, and your thoughts will blow.

Betty Kendall -- December 19, 2006


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