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Come on in and sit a spell and I'll tell you a bit about Judith Angell Meyer, visionary. Her studio is now on the plains of Colorado, a one hour drive to the great Rocky Mountains, but she grew up in spacious, rolling Iowa farm country, learning to appreciate the beauty of animals, both in the wild and as patient servants and companions of man; the pride of the men who worked the land; and the land itself.
"Lost is our heritage
but for our visions."

She loves the stories that the American West has to tell in the reflections of its old buildings, weathered wood and hidden corners. Her work shares intimate scenes of wildlife that we might not be able to witness firsthand ourselves; and she recreates scenes from the Old West that we like to reflect upon.
Since her move to Colorado, the hobby of muzzle loading has become a way of life, opening up a whole new subject matter -- portraying the mountain man, both modern and historic -- and the heritage given to us by those men and the Indians who welcomed them at first.
It has always been important to Judith to paint stories of what she sees outside and feels inside. Her watercolors have earned many ribbons and awards throughout the years. She is primarily a self-taught artist with the exception of her senior art class in high school and over two years at Hallmark Cards.

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